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About Us

We are custom photographers!!!


What is Custom Photography?

Custom Photography by Flawless Fotos Photography is photography created in harmony with the vision of the photographer. The photographic art you select to display on your wall is the outcome of the vision of the photographer and subject combined. This vision is brought to life by your clothing choice, the location, the lighting, and especially the mood the subjects. We produce the work that you will proudly display on your walls.

This process begins with defining who you are and what you want defined in your images. We do both indoor and outdoor location photography to showcase your style. We believe that your custom photography ultimately is about you, your choices and the entire experience. Flawless Fotos Photography is about capturing the beautiful memories of your life. We dedicate all of our attention to your vision. As custom photographers we provide a variety of images in your image gallery. Our images are fully edited images and color corrected. Custom photographers are NOT Lifetouch or WalMart. Our images are unique to only you!!


Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?

Digital photography is rich in color and radiant. Digital photography has broadened the horizons in control for the photographer, the hobbyist, the professional, and the amateur. That flexibility comes at a price though. Professional camera equipment is still very expensive along with pro editing software. Continued education keeps a custom photographer at the top of their game. Above that, a custom photographer knows how to control their equipment, lighting and editing. Let us not forget the time it takes to get a usable image. Flawless Fotos Photography’s equipment is continuously calibrated for the vivid colors you seek.

We know that you pay $1.49 for a print at any drugstore so why pay $30-$90 for custom prints? The answer is multidimensional and has a lot to do with the time, equipment, artistic vision, education and reputation of the photographer. You are paying for the expertise of the photographer who will stand behind their product.



Flawless Fotos Photography invests their time and effort in pleasing each and every client. We take as much time photographing our clients that is needed. We show you the images captured right away!! All of our work is backed up to ensure that all of your images are archived. We invest 2-5 hours editing to present you with a diverse personalized gallery of edited images. Flawless Fotos often spends 2-3 hours with the client aiding through the ordering process. We do not believe in high pressure selling techniques. You order as much as you like and are always welcomed to add on to your order in the future. As you can see, we dedicate a lot of time in each and every client to deliver the best level of service.



Quality professional cameras with an assortment of portrait lenses and computer set up can run from $15,000-$35,000. We understand that you can purchase a decent quality digital SLR for about $1500, however, there are many other expenditures associated to photography. A quality lens for photography can cost $900 to $2500. Reliable computer equipment with professional software for business and creative images runs $2200 to $10000.

We use a professional print lab specifically for photographers and those lab costs are not cheap. Their results aren’t cheap either!! They are vibrant, rich and clear! They offer specialty products that can’t be found at the drugstore. A custom photographer appreciates that their lab is essential to their success.



Often clients mention another photographer or discount photography chain only charges $15 for an 8×10. The bottom line is that we are not them, nor do we want to be!! Flawless Fotos Photography isn’t the cheapest or the most expensive but we deliver the best customer service. Discount chains make their money on volume, not on customized 1:1 service. Going to a chain studio, as a consumer, ensures that your images will look just like every other picture….plain and lack luster. We create art work for your walls. Images that you will treasure.



We concentrate on being well known for quality work and great reputation This comes at a huge cost on our part. We invest time perfecting our craft and understanding the intricacies of lighting. To protect our reputation we always reinvest in our business to remain top notch. We strive to be the elite photographer. One that desires to be known as superior and unparalleled reputation-wise. We recognize that the most important thing for our business is consistency and reliability. This is how reputations get built.


Why Choose Custom Photography

Custom photography can be seen as a luxury but we think it’s a better choice than your cookie cutter chain experience. Custom photography is not for everyone. Our clients are committed to their images and included planning along with an investment in time and money. Flawless Fotos Photography appreciates that commitment and dedicates the same as your family photographer. Our clients take an active role in creating family memories. Their desire is to have portrait art personalized. Many clients may have a once a year special experience or some have custom photography sessions done to record their child’s stages in life.