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Models Wanted

Congratulations on making it to senior year... well almost! ;)

So you'll be needing senior portraits soon, right? Let Flawless Fotos Photography make them the most epic senior portrait ever! We will capture the entire year, make it yours, make memories, make WAVES. Get a variety of portraits from lots of sessions that are as dynamic, distinctive and fascinating as you are. This is your year, make it about you!

The FFP Spokesmodel Is An Experience For Any High School Student Who Loves Adventure, Thinks Outside The Box And Wants Their Portraits To Stand Out Of The Crowd!

What is the FFP squad?

The FFP squad is a group of Spokesmodels who are exclusively picked to be V.I.P.s. We will cooperate to create outstanding and distinctive images that will set trends and turn heads. Fashioned and themed Creative Shoots will be scheduled throughout the year giving each Spokesmodel not only an amazing experience to remember but a variety of looks in their senior portrait collection. Most shoots will be focused on each senior individually while a couple may be shot as a group. Hey, a chance to make friends!  

Who can be a Spokesmodel?

Any 2017 high school student is eligible. You DON’T have to have a perfect physique or be an aspiring model. You just have to be charismatic and fun, up for an adventure, value a great experience and be excited to share that experience with others. Candidates will also be considered based on style, character, and social influence.

Application deadline is January 31th! Selected applicants and parents will be contacted February 15-16 to schedule an informational meeting.

If you want to know more about me and how I roll just explore my site. I can't wait to get know you and collaborate with you on some pretty epic images!

What is a FFP Spokesmodel?

A senior model is a spokesmodel for Flawless Fotos Photography.  Their job is to pass out rep cards to their family, friends, and classmates and to tell everyone how much they loved their portrait session with Flawless Fotos Photography.  Hopefully your friends and classmates will want to have the same amazing experience and book with me also!


  • Spokesmodels must fill out the application and be accepted by Flawless Fotos Photography by January 31th, 2017.  
  • A FFP Spokesmodel is a fun, friendly, and outgoing boy or girl hired to promote and represent us at their school and community. All spokesmodel are hand selected based on positive self-image and good qualities. If you are chosen to be a spokesmodel, you will be offered great benefits, and a spokesmodel package valued at over $900.
  • A spokesmodel is not a sales person, the photos will sell themselves, but is simply asked to work hard and earn rewards. Spokesmodels simply show off their portraits and tell their friends about their experience, then hand out personalized buzz cards with good discounts to those interested. A Spokesmodel helps their friends save on their senior portraits. The more sessions we book in the Spokesmodel's name, the more credits and rewards everyone earns!
  • Your perks include an early mini session usually towards the beginning of the year, a mini album to show off to friends and family, business rep cards to hand out to classmates with specials, branded digital photos for your Facebook account, and other super cool and trendy products! Also included is a longer, second session in the spring/summer. Did we mention our Senior Portraits come with professional hair and make-up by one of the top high end salons in town? As a FFP spokesmodel, you would be called upon fashion shows and other events to help represent FFP. You also qualify for our Seniors Signature Rewards Program.

Bonus Levels:

  • For each referral that books/pays/completes a session and turns in your card, you will receive a $50 store credit towards your own order. In addition to this, we offer bonus levels to help get even more rewards. Referrals of any type earn you rewards

Does it cost anything?

  • You must have parental/legal guardian permission to apply. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $250 to help offset the costs of the products and sessions you will receive (valued at over $900) in the event that you are unable to bring at least 5 referrals during your contract.
  • Excited yet? Our Spokesmodels have a blast! Only a limited number of Spokesmodels are accepted from local area high schools, so please email us a request for the application to apply. Once you have been selected, you will be contacted to set up an interview.
  • I'm excited to hear from you! Best of luck!


What do you get?

  • Free Portrait Session
  • 10% off your purchase of any COLLECTION!!!(After your first customer referral)
  • 5 watermarked, low-resolution images for you to use on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.
  • 50 Senior model cards featuring YOU to pass out.
  • A Blog post of your FULL session.